Thursday, 2 April 2015

Hanami parties, Temmabashi and Osaka castle park, Osaka


  1. So pretty! I guess the main hanami activity is drinking? Probably eating, too... Love the pics at night, all lit up. And you, looking very dapper, Mr. Yogi, in your hat and suit. Quite the English Gentleman Abroad. :)

    1. Yes, certainly eating too, lots of bento boxes and many of the more organized with little bar-b-q grills. In the other hanami post, the Kyoto one I have a picture of a young guy sitting all alone on one of those big blue sheets. His job is to wait there all day long and save the location. All those parties under the trees above would have had one of the lowly sit and wait all day. My favourite picture is the fourth one down with all the shoes lined up neatly. Oh and the fifth one, blossoming office romance : )
      And of course everyone clears up before they leave, not so much as a paper napkin or cigarette butt to show that thousands were partying.

      Got a couple of things for you and the kids Maya. Do you no Hikaru no go? It's a manga about the Eigo board game, made into an anime and on youtube with subtitles

      Also misa says the in thing here now is the pokomon spin off yo-kai-watch

      I love that hat!