Sunday, 26 April 2015

Heian Jinja Kyoto

Kindle Paperwhite arrived, love it actually, never really got on with electronic books before, tolerated them on the ipad but this is wonderful.

barriers, Kyoto
 Next group of photos from Heian Jinja, Kyoto

Heian Shrine garden, Kyoto
"In 1895, a partial reproduction of the Heian Palace from Heian-kyō (the former name of Kyoto) was planned for construction for the 1100th anniversary of the establishment of Heian-kyō. The Industrial exposition fair (an exhibition of development of Japanese and foreign cultures) was held in Kyoto that year, where the replica was to be the main monument. However, failure to buy enough land where the Heian Palace used to stand, the building was built in Okazaki at 5/8 scale of the original".

always seem to stumble upon something in Kyot, here a wedding.

oldest train carriage in Japan supposedly, resting place in Heian Jinja garden

moss on tree


Bonito eaten with just a little salt and the thinnest slice of garlic

Izakiya yoga tiger

Honey bourbon slush puppy

 new tenugui

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  1. Haha, love the coffee bean one! Beautiful pictures, Grim. Thanks for posting!